Tools and Resources

This page contains a collection of tools and resources to assist with betting and horse racing data analysis.



  • UK Horse Racing - A daily ratings service with a particularly interesting view on race Class. Daily ratings are provided in a number of formats, including a CSV file which may be downloaded in an automated fashion. UKHR also provides historical CSV data of ratings and results going back to 2009.

  • Formbet - Another ratings service, this one has some fairly robust statistical angles. Ratings are provided daily via manual download in Excel spreadsheet format. No official historical database of past ratings is available, although some users have taken to compiling their own and sharing on the Formbet forum.

  • Betwise - This organisation provides an historical race and results database in MySQL format. I no longer subscribe to this service, as UKHR provides almost all of the same basic data and ratings. However, Betwise's pricing is quite reasonable and the automated daily updates very robust. Betwise also provide an R library for interacting with the older Betfair API.

  • Digital Ocean - provider of cloud based servers and services. Worth a mention because I use them for hosting the RStudio development environment and various other things. Very easy to use and competitive on price, given the service and features.


  • Starting with R - a high level overview on this website, outlining the first steps to begin with the R statistical programming language.

  • onemilefourandten - Jason Hathorn's excellent racing related blog with lots of R based analysis.

  • Simon Rowland's Sectional Debrief - Sectional times, worshipped or worthless? At least someone in the UK is having a stab at them.

  • British 2yo Racing - If you have any interest in 2yo thoroughbred racing in the UK, this is the website with all the information. A wealth of detail on trainers, horse physique analysis, race reviews and excellent rants on Pointless Punditry.

  • Performance Genetics - data modeling and genetic analysis of thoroughbreds. Lots of interesting articles focusing on a more scientific approach.